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Sir Galloway Cleaners Join the Ranks of America’s Best Cleaners Affiliates

Only the best dry cleaners in the entire garment care industry can be gilded as one of America’s Best Cleaners famed Affiliates. Sir Galloway Cleaners of Miami, Florida have passed the ABC certification process with flying colors and have hereby joined the ranks of America’s Best Cleaners Affiliates, taking their rightful place as one of the premiere dry cleaners in the world.

Sir Galloway Dry Cleaners has been providing some of the highest quality dry cleaning services available anywhere in the southern United States since 1984. They’re known by their extensive client base to constantly exceed expectations with their dry cleaning and laundry services that are always ready on time, at each of their six locations. Most importantly, their friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care Specialists are some of the most well-trained and knowledgeable in the business. It also doesn’t hurt that Sir Galloway Cleaners has possibly the most unique branding ever seen in the dry cleaning industry. ‘The Difference is Knight and Day’ is the company catchphrase, and with such a strong brand vision, it’s no wonder they’ve experienced continued success.

Sir Galloway Cleaners owns a 10,000 square foot plant, with six additional retail locations complete with drive-up or drive-thru service. Not content to limit themselves to dry cleaning, their newest business divisions include Lady Galloway Gowns, which specializes in gown cleaning and preservation, and Sir Galloway Fabric Restoration, which does insurance restoration work.

Mary Mills, prestigious owner of Sir Galloway Cleaners, had much to say upon the induction. “Sir Galloway is a family. I treasure every employee I have. We grow together in order to never let quality lapse for the sake of quantity. I believe in always replacing what needs to be replaced and changing what needs to be changed. And I know that training, training, training is the key to great success! I’m feeling so fortunate to have ABC to turn to. We are honored to be a part of America’s Best Cleaners.”

Sir Galloway Cleaners has earned the right to be an ABC Affiliate. Welcome to America’s Best Cleaners! You make us proud.

Why Hire a Professional Dry Cleaner for Couture Dresses & High-End Clothing?

miami-couture-dry-cleanerWhen it comes to the professional care of your finer garments, Sir Galloway Cleaners offers unparalleled dry cleaning services for your couture dresses or your designer and high-end clothing.  We offer a broad range of professional dry cleaning services in order to provide more personalized hand care of your garments while at the same time paying the strictest attention to detail at all times.  Our goal is to ensure that you’ll always look stunning whether you’re dressed in business or casual attire, evening formal wear, or a wedding party ensemble.

A Word about the Term “Couture”

The terminology “couture” means more than simply designer or high-end fashion.  It is derived from the French word meaning “dressmaking” or “sewing.”  In today’s fashion circles, it is the mainstream term that is commonly used to describe expensive, custom tailored garments.  The true implication is attributed to “haute couture”, the French expression for high-end fashion.

In order to be classified as a couture dress, it must be conferred as such by the French Federation of Couture, Fashion Designers, and Ready-to-Wear Tailors.  The more common characteristics of couture dresses and gowns include appliqués, delicate fabrics, embroidery, intricate beading, and other fragile handwork.  Consequently, items of this nature require the specialized attention and care that only we can provide.

Customizable Dry Cleaning Services

Your precious garments deserve the best care possible and that requires the attention of experts who are able to clean and finish your items using highly specialized methods that will ensure they are cared for properly.  These experts have extensive experience and expertise with couture dresses, designer high-end clothing, and other exquisite garments.  Furthermore, our customizable dry cleaning services can be tailored to meet your specific needs and provide optimum convenience in the process.

Before any cleaning can begin, all couture garments and high-end items are examined in order to determine the best dry cleaning treatment for each unique design.  In order to extend the life expectancy of your most exquisite pieces, only the gentlest, cleaning techniques will be applied.  Anything less is not acceptable.  The process that is used ensures that your items will always be maintained and preserved properly so that you can treasure your garments for years to come.

Why choose a High End Miami Dry Cleaning Service?

As the premier Miami couture dry cleaners, we believe in delivering the highest quality services possible for all types of garments, including the care and preservation of couture, designer, and high-end clothing.  If your wardrobe involved a large investment, you don’t want to trust it with any ordinary dry clean service.  You need a dry cleaner that has the experience and expertise needed to protect your garments and that is Sir Galloway Cleaners. We have the experience and skills apart from the right equipment to ensure there is no damage to your garments.

Have a couture dress or high end clothing that needs cleaning? Call us today at 305.252.2000.

The Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew raises great questions in the ravaged areas….

2f0ed4c8-acad-4428-9591-a749d663d60cWhat is the difference in a “Restoration Cleaners” and the “Local Cleaners on the Corner”?
  • Must own your facility opposed to outsourcing the cleaning…
    Sir Galloway Fabric Restoration owns and operates their own 10,000 square foot plant.
  • Must be physically inspected by the carriers in order to become a preferred vendor…
    We are selected by carriers as a preferred vendor after the carriers have come to our plant and confirmed that we are certified, qualified, educated and up to date on the latest and greatest technology and equipment.
  • Both types of remediation techniques, Ozone and Hydroxyl chambers, should be present opposed to deodorizing damaged garments.
  • Both types of dry cleaning machines, Hydro Carbon and Perc, should be available in order to restore ALL household items effected by a loss.
You only have one chance to get your items restored…

Let Sir Galloway Fabric Restoration be your certified restoration cleaner that will put your life back together correctly.

Call 1-855-232-1900 or click here to submit online

Introducing the New Plastic Hangers!

In order to ensure our high level of quality, we have upgraded our hangers to plastic for all dry cleaning items to preserve the integrity of the pressing.


Go Green by Recycling Hangers!

As a regular customer, some of you may be wondering about what to do with all of those hangers we’ve hung your dry cleaning on while others simply throw them away. Here’s a thought. Why not recycle them instead? We have found that it is always better to recycle or re-use these rather than disposing of them and letting them end up in our landfills.

You can recycle your hangers by dropping them off at one of our stores or giving them to your route driver.

The laundry and dry cleaning industry is responsible for using nearly 3.5 billion hangers annually. This is the equivalent weight of the metal (220 million pounds) that is required to manufacture 60,000 motor vehicles every year. Let’s all do our part in protecting the environment.

Thank you for trusting Sir Galloway with your valued garments, and for helping us improve our service.

Let us know what you think of our new hangers.

Summer Suiting for Women

Business women need to worry about their suits, too! However, in the summertime, women are expected to dress it up a little more and add pops of color and sparkle. Last month we talked all about men’s fashion, now it’s time for the ladies:


Navy: Show of your confidence with this bold and definite color. Accent with the traditional pearl necklace or show off your summer style with some yellow earrings.

Charcoal: This color is safe and muted to allow you to show off your true self without the help of clothing. Keep it sleek with white pumps.

Black: As a woman we all feel comfortable in our forgiving black clothing. Add your favorite color (hot pink, bright yellow, lime green or baby blue) to truly own your black suit this summer.


Sleeves: Although it is summer, it never hurts to stick with the practical sleeve.

Short-Sleeved: Find your favorite short-sleeved silk shirt and put it on under the jacket. This way, later when you are having lunch at your favorite outdoor patio spot you can ditch the jacket and look professional and like a ray of summer sun.


Long story short, prints can be fun to play with but the safest way to go is with a solid color that flatters your skin tone.  Should you decide to go with a print we highly recommend sticking to something classic like plaid, stripes or polka dots and save that fun pink flamingo print for your next backyard bbq.


Skirt or Pantsuit

As long as it is sunny and 70 degrees out, wear the skirt suit! Feel comfortable and as girly as you can in the office.


Accessories may be the one thing that turns your normal suit into the ultimate summer get up!

Purse/Bag: Maybe ditch the larger bag and consolidate your items to a cute clutch for your summer days and nights. This will save time when getting off work and heading to the lakeside for a refreshing drink.

Earrings: As mentioned before, use this as an opportunity to pop some bright summer color into your wardrobe without being too overwhelming and unprofessional.

Whatever you decide to wear, remember to enjoy the summer days with lunch on the patio at your favorite spot and drinks at the lake on your Friday after a long week!

Outdoor Living: Summer Cleaning

Summer is the time for entertaining. You’ve worked hard on designing your patio, now make sure that it is spotless for your guests. Here are some of the ways you can tidy up your patio space for the ultimate summer gathering:

Wood Furniture – Wood furniture is lovely to look at and creates a homey/rustic feel. Unfortunately, after hours of scrubbing on your hands and knees it seems the stains and wear and tear are still left. With just 2 tbsp. of powdered oxygen bleach and one gallon of water to scrub on the wood using a brush. Make sure to scrub only in the direction of the wood grain – especially when working on soft woods. Allow the wood to dry completely in the sun before using the furniture. If the wood seems rough you can use a medium-grit sandpaper either by hand or a palm sander. Again, make sure you sand in the direction of the grain. After sanding you will need to seal your furniture – using either resin-based pigmented sealer (to maintain the original wood color) or a clear sealer (to obtain a rustic grey faded color).

Patio Cushions – Most patio fabrics have been treated with special coating to protect from UV rays and water – please check tags before using any home cleaning techniques. Patio Cushions are far too valuable to take a chance of color loss, or setting the stain by a home remedy method.  Bleach can be dangerous! Send your patio cushions to a professional dry cleaner.  Even if they do not zip out, the dry cleaner has a seamstress who will remove the padding, send the fabric to be cleaned, and finally sew the cushion back into place.

Grill – The BBQ cannot happen without a good cleaning first! Here is a list of materials to use to get the grease and grit off before you put the chicken on the grill:

  • Stiff-bristle Wire Brush
  • Toothbrush
  • Scour Pad (scratch pad)
  • PROXI dish soap concentrate
  • PROXI multi-purpose disinfectant cleaner
  • Baking Soda
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Spray Bottle of Water

Heat the grill up by closing the lid and turning the gas on for about 5 min. This will soften the build-up. Use the wire brush and scrape away as much as possible. Wait for the grill to cool down and move on to soaking your grates and flame guards in a sink full of PROXI dish soap, using the hottest water possible. Scrub the grates as they soak using the metal brush and scour pad. When it comes to the grease build up, make a paste with baking soda, water and a small amount of PROXI dish soap. Rub this on the inside of the grill lid and allow it to dry and then wipe it clean. Happy Grilling!

If you have no luck with your cushions or outdoor patio pillows and blankets make sure to Contact Us for the ultimate cleaning! Enjoy your summer days on the patio as much as possible.

What Your Suit Says About You


suitsMen’s fashion has expanded in the past couple years to allow men to explore different styles, cuts and colors in their formal-wear. Men have the opportunity to put more of their personality into their suits. Take a look at what your preferred formal-wear says about you!

The Primary Suit Colors and Accents:

Blue: Darker shades of blue, especially navy, convey a person who is in control. Blue produces feeling of calmness, stability, trust, truth, confidence and security.

Grey: This color is not distracting which allows people you interact with to be more focused on what you have to say. Grey symbolizes sophistication.

Black: Black is stark, commanding and represents authority. If you are looking to feel above all and on top of the party, black is the way to go.

Red: This is all about power. Red is thought alongside energy, passion, desire and power. To show you have intense passion for something, wear red.

White: The color white sends the message of simplicity, cleanliness, precision and goodness. White is a safe option for a day to day option.

Studying Suit Styles:

The Precious Metal: If you are wanting to feel like James Bond, then the precious metal style is the way to go. Super-luxurious fabric, white-gold stitching and the rarest fibers in the world should ensure you feel like the only man in the room.

The Godfather: Ermenegildo Zegna’s suit brand has built a global reputation as one of the most innovative menswear companies around the world. With heat and cold resistant suiting, stain-resistant materials and crease-repelling fabrics, this suit is able to withstand the true man’s man.

The Sexiest Suit Alive: This suit defines modern day gentleman’s attire. If the goal is to feel captivating, provocative, stylish and intelligent at the same time, Tom Ford nailed it with the sexiest suit alive.

The Cool Italian: With impeccable cuts and three-dimensional structures, these elements give the garments purposeful movement. Honestly, nothing screams cool like this style.

The Romantic Suit: The Romantic style is supportive yet lightweight and radiates function and beauty as well as the importance of a garment feeling like your second skin.

It’s not a science, but it is a practice to harness the right suite for you!

Dry Cleaning Delivery: Gas Saver. Time Saver. Sanity Saver.

The ways which dry cleaning delivery can make your life easier are innumerable. Just think of all the things you would rather be doing than driving to your dry cleaner to drop off and pick up your clothing. Here are just a few ways our home delivery service helps you:

  1. Gas Saver

Thinking of ways you can reduce the miles you drive every day is important in saving you money and time, as well as reducing your carbon footprint. When you are thinking of the list of things you need to get done, driving to the dry cleaner and then having to schedule a completely separate time to pick up your dry cleaning is quite intrusive to your daily life. Do you even need to take this trip at all? If the service is free of charge, you are saving gas and helping reduce your carbon footprint because we are already out and about!

  1.   Time Saver

Getting back to how you can save time, taking advantage of a dry cleaning delivery service could be just that! No one has enough time in the day to do all the things they have set out to do. On a busy day it is important to wake up early, get a good workout in, and then visualize your day to best plan for success. If you are wanting to save time in your day and in your planning process, cutting out that trip to the dry cleaners is key.

  1.   Sanity Saver

It is no doubt that saving gas, time and money will keep one sane. The most important aspect to our services is to relieve stress from your life. By reducing stressful aspects your life you are able to maintain/improve your health, improve your mood, boost immune function and allow you to be more productive. Choose a service to relieve some stress in that part of your life and be able to focus that new productive mentality towards more important things in your life like; family, friends, and self nourishment.

Delegating the stress and time to us so you can focus it on important attributes in your life is what our dry cleaning service can do for you.

Office Fashion Trends for 2016

Untitled design (5)We all know that wearing the right outfit can drastically increase your confidence but it can also improve your productivity! The way you dress can put you in the proper work mindset and allow you to focus better. Trends in work fashion change every year. Take a look at these 2016 trends to make it your best (and most fashionable) work year yet!

For the Ladies:

Mix it up with light fabrics and pops of color. As is the trend with spring, pastels and floral prints are always a great choice, but don’t be afraid to go a bit bolder with color and pattern. A brightly patterned blouse or dress paired with a structured neutral jacket, skirt, or trouser will be a great look for spring. And don’t forget the shoes! Step out in a bright heel with a neutral dress or choose a classic flat with gold metallic finishes for a brighter outfit.

For the Men:

While the last few years have seen a trend in close cut suits, look for them to loosen up a bit. Styles will still be tailored and cut close to the body but the looser fit will show a little less ankle and will be a bit more conservative. The cut of the suit may be a bit more traditional, but this season will be the time for colorful and patterned suits to shine. Look for the trendy “new navy”, a shade of blue a bit brighter than the classic navy shade. Besides color, subtly patterned suits will be making a comeback as well.

Stay stylish throughout 2016 and trust us with your delicate care pieces. We guarantee professional and quick results every time, keeping your favorite items looking runway ready.


The Ultimate Fabric Care Guide

Untitled design (4)Every type of fabric requires a personalized care routine, which can make cleaning and laundry very complicated. Here is a list of some of the most common fabrics, their qualities, and how to care for them.

Polyester-Chances are, you have quite a bit of polyester in your closet. It’s one of the most used synthetic fibers in clothing due to its wrinkle and shrink resistant qualities. Polyester can be washed in your machine at home with no issue.

Linen- Due to its breathable texture and lightweight feel, linen is a favorite for warm days. While some linen blends can be washed in your machine at home, it is particularly difficult to press, even with professional machinery. If you want to keep the original look and feel of linen, it should be dry-cleaned.

Silk- Luxurious as it may be, silk items take a little extra care.  Some silk items have already been treated and pre-shrunk but it’s best to check the label before tossing it in the washing machine. For best results, your silk items should be dry-cleaned.

Cotton- This versatile fabric typically doesn’t call for specialized care. Because it’s one of the most popular fabrics used for clothing, most all cotton items have been pre-treated and shrunk and are ready to be washed in your washing machine.

Rayon- Similar to cotton and linen, rayon is a comfortable fabric that seems to get even more cozy with wear. Since it’s made from natural fibers and prone to shrinking, rayon should be dry-cleaned or carefully hand washed.

Take the worry out of laundry day by dropping off your delicate care items with us. We guarantee a professional and timely cleaning for the most beloved pieces in your wardrobe.