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Taking the Stress out of Holiday Dress

Tis the Season for holiday parties! But what exactly does that “festive attire” mean on your invitation? Be prepared for any festive occasion with our Holiday Party Dress Code Guide.

• Office Party- Sure, the office party is a great event to have some fun but it’s a good idea to keep in mind those attending the party with you. Keep your attire festive, but still professional. Throw in a little sparkle or bright holiday color without going overboard.

• Black Tie- This is your chance to pull out the most glamorous look in your closet! Grab your formal attire but don’t forget to add a festive touch. Whether you add a little extra sparkle with cuff-links or a statement necklace, maybe a festive tie, or even some holly in your hair, keep some seasonal color in your outfit.

• Ugly Sweater- The only rules at these parties is to have the most outrageous attire possible. Bells, sequins, and decorative glitter will let you take home the cake for the ugliest sweater in the house.

• Causal- Casual may mean different things to different people, but this party is probably not the time to step out in your active wear. A great pair of jeans with a casual sweater will keep your outfit seasonal and stylish.

As always, when you need a professional after-party clean for your favorite festive garments, send them over to us. Happy Holidays and enjoy the parties!

Keep Your Coziest Sweaters Clean

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It’s officially sweater weather! Start sweater season out right by taking your favorite cozy sweaters to the dry cleaner for a professional cleaning. They’ll need a fresh start after they’ve been hidden in the back of your closet!

While most synthetic blends are fine in your washing machine, extra care needs to be taken for natural fibers and fabrics. Check out our guide to proper cleaning for your favorite sweaters:

• Sheep Wool- Do you have a cozy Merino or Lambswool sweater? Heat can easily damage your favorite wool sweater, so leave the cleaning to the professionals! We’ve been trained to treat delicate fabrics and keep your favorite garments in perfect condition.

• Cashmere- Keep that cashmere luxurious by hand washing in cold water. Always dry the sweater on a flat surface to reduce shrinkage.

• Angora- Keep your sweater comfy for years of wear by taking it to the dry cleaner. Angora is very prone to shrinking when washed in a machine or by hand; not the fate you’d like for your sweater.

• Chenille- Your sweater will quickly lose it’s soft, silky feel when put in the washing machine. For best results, always hand wash the sweater inside out and dry on a flat surface.

Always read the care label on your sweaters before washing to keep your favorite sweaters looking runway-ready all season. And remember, when in doubt, you can bring your delicate fabrics to us for a professional clean!