Wedding Gowns, Heirlooms and other Special Items

Wedding Gowns, Heirlooms and other Special Items

Professional Wedding Gown Cleaning and Care

When it comes to wedding dress preservation in Miami, bring it to us. We are specially trained cleaners who can assist you with the storage of your gown. The most important factor to consider in wedding gown storage is that your gown must be properly cleaned before storage. And once cleaned by the professionals at Sir Galloway Cleaners, it must be stored in a cool, dry place, using a special box. You can be sure that with Sir Galloway Cleaners, your gown will be in the best trained professional hands.

Trust the experts at Sir Galloway Dry Cleaners to professionally clean and care for your most priceless garments, such as wedding gowns and other family heirlooms.

A wedding gown is much more than just a dress, it is a treasure, a symbol of an important event in your life. Whether you are borrowing it from a relative or buying it new, your gown deserves your attention, both before and after the wedding.

Most brides want to preserve their gown as a keepsake, particularly if the gown is an heirloom. Cleaning industry experts recommend that you have your gown cleaned as soon after the wedding as possible.

Preserving the quality of your wedding gown may be one of the finest gifts you can give yourself and a loved one.


Trust only Sir Galloway with your Wedding Dress Cleaning and the cleaning of other Heirlooms!


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