Sir Galloway Cleaners Join the Ranks of America’s Best Cleaners Affiliates

Sir Galloway Cleaners Join the Ranks of America’s Best Cleaners Affiliates

Only the best dry cleaners in the entire garment care industry can be gilded as one of America’s Best Cleaners famed Affiliates. Sir Galloway Cleaners of Miami, Florida have passed the ABC certification process with flying colors and have hereby joined the ranks of America’s Best Cleaners Affiliates, taking their rightful place as one of the premiere dry cleaners in the world.

Sir Galloway Dry Cleaners has been providing some of the highest quality dry cleaning services available anywhere in the southern United States since 1984. They’re known by their extensive client base to constantly exceed expectations with their dry cleaning and laundry services that are always ready on time, at each of their six locations. Most importantly, their friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care Specialists are some of the most well-trained and knowledgeable in the business. It also doesn’t hurt that Sir Galloway Cleaners has possibly the most unique branding ever seen in the dry cleaning industry. ‘The Difference is Knight and Day’ is the company catchphrase, and with such a strong brand vision, it’s no wonder they’ve experienced continued success.

Sir Galloway Cleaners owns a 10,000 square foot plant, with six additional retail locations complete with drive-up or drive-thru service. Not content to limit themselves to dry cleaning, their newest business divisions include Lady Galloway Gowns, which specializes in gown cleaning and preservation, and Sir Galloway Fabric Restoration, which does insurance restoration work.

Mary Mills, prestigious owner of Sir Galloway Cleaners, had much to say upon the induction. “Sir Galloway is a family. I treasure every employee I have. We grow together in order to never let quality lapse for the sake of quantity. I believe in always replacing what needs to be replaced and changing what needs to be changed. And I know that training, training, training is the key to great success! I’m feeling so fortunate to have ABC to turn to. We are honored to be a part of America’s Best Cleaners.”

Sir Galloway Cleaners has earned the right to be an ABC Affiliate. Welcome to America’s Best Cleaners! You make us proud.