Kids back in school? We’ve got you covered (updated!)

Kids back in school? We’ve got you covered (updated!)

With kids back in school you might get a much needed break from the summer’s fun activities, but you’ll also be dealing with the use and abuse your kids clothes are put through in school. Here are some helpful tips to get you through the year unscathed. 2014 update: we’ve updated our post with some helpful back-to-school shopping tips courtesy of Scholastic!

Back to SchoolBack-to-school clothing shopping tips (more +)

Even if your child isn’t thrilled that summer vacation’s almost over, she can’t resist shopping for brand-new stuff. But the array of choices in the children’s department can be intimidating, especially when your little fashion plate claims she needs those chunky pink suede platforms for 2nd grade. Tuck this checklist and these insiders’ tips in your wallet and get ready for a shopping spree you’ll both enjoy.

Before You Go…

  • Prepare a budget with your child. He’ll learn a lesson in responsibility and be less likely to get upset if you can’t afford something he wants.
  • Agree to let your child pick out a couple of special items that she likes, even if you don’t. If she doesn’t like her clothes, she’ll feel uncomfortable or self-conscious at school, or worse, she may refuse to wear them.

What to Buy:

  • Underwear — 10 pairs
  • Socks — 10-14 pairs
  • T-shirts — 6-10
  • Sweaters/Sweatshirts — 2-3
  • Pants — 5+ (preschool); 3 (older children)
  • Skirt and coordinating top — 1 (for girls)
  • Shoes — 2 pairs
  • Boots — 1 pair
  • Coats — 1 fall (optional), 1 winter, 1 raincoat
  • Hats, gloves, and scarves

Source: Scholastic Parents (“Go to the Head of the Store: A+ Back-to-School Shopping Tips”)

Tip 1: Stains

If you have younger children, chances are they’ll be getting pen, pencil and crayon stains on their clothes. If you have older children (or husbands) you will have ink stains.

Crayon is relatively easy to remove from fabrics. Resist the urge to scrape off the crayon. Instead, liberally coat the area with liquid detergent and let the garment sit overnight. Then, wash the item, following the care label instructions. As for crayon on hard surfaces, spray some WD-40 on your cleaning rag and wipe; it works well.

If you’re finding pencil marks on your kids’ clothes, there’s a quick method of cleaning them up so they look as fresh as the first day of school: Start by using the same method you used to get rid of pencil marks back in school… an eraser! Use a clean eraser carefully, rubbing lightly. Then apply liquid soap.

What about dreaded ink stains? You may have come across household remedies online… Save yourself a headache and bring the items to us. Our experts will evaluate the stain and suggest the best course of action to prevent further damage to your valued garments. Remember, heat sets ink stains. Act quickly and as a precaution check your laundry before putting it in the dryer.

For dry cleanable items, it is best to leave the stain as is, and bring the item to us. The stain will be easier to remove if you don’t disturb it with a potentially damaging home remedy.

Tip 2: Garment repairs & alterations

Kids grow quickly (you and your wallet know this all too well!), so chances are you’ll be needing some alterations – be it on their brand new clothes, or on their existing wardrobe (picture their favorite pair of jeans or the trendy skirt they just won’t part with).

Here’s a quick tip: for teen boys that seem to be on an endless vertical growth spurt, consider turning those pricey pants that have become a bit too short… well, into a pair of great SHORTS!

What about the school uniform logo/patch that’s looking less than perfect (i.e. semi torn-off)?

At Sir Galloway Dry Cleaners we have an award-winning Alterations department that works miracles. Bring us any items in need of repair or alterations and we’ll be happy to give you some ideas and suggestions (see our complete list of services here).