Holiday Stain Guide – updated for 2014

Holiday Stain Guide – updated for 2014

Last year we brought you our Ultimate Holiday Stain Guide. Stains haven’t changed that much (luckily smartphones and tablets have yet to become a major source of stains!), but this year we want to share with you some handy stain removal videos and a useful infographic.

"Mulled" wine, eqaul parts tasty and stain-maker!There are three universal truths about dealing with Holiday stains (and most stains for that matter), so here they are as a reminder:

1. Treat and wash stains promptly!

The longer stains sit on fabrics, the more difficult they may be to remove.

2. Always follow the care label

Care labels usually provide the most reliable information as to how to treat a garment or other fabric material. Check out our recent blog post on understanding care labels!

3. When in doubt, trust the experts…

Even with these useful tips and your own experience, if your instinct tells you that it might be best to get an expert opinion, we’re here for you! Bring us the affected item as quickly as possible (remember tip #1) and we’ll give you our expert opinion on how to best address the stain.


“Holiday Stain Removal Infographic” from

Handy infographic with common sense tips to treat most Holiday-related stains, including four varieties of pie!


Holiday stain removal videos


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