State of the art technology to serve you better

State of the art technology to serve you better

At Sir Galloway Cleaners, we pride ourselves in the level of service and quality we provide to our customers. Part of our commitment involves the use of the latest technologies available for dry cleaning. Take, for instance, the latest equipment we’ve acquired: a Unipress Lightning Series shirt press and a Hoffman Drapery Press.

Our new shirt press, the Unipress Lightning LS-1 All-in-One model, does a spectacular job at producing the highest-possible quality in semi-automated shirt pressing. The result: perfectly pressed ready-to-wear shirts, never missing a button. This complements our traditional and highly-regarded manual pressing, for certain garments that require extra special care.

Unipress Lightning Series shirt press   Unipress Lightning Series shirt press   Unipress Lightning Series shirt press

Reviewing the description of this machine feels like reading the brochure of a high-end sportscar:

The Lightning Series features formed bucks, contoured chests, side airbags, PVP Pleat Vent Press and Automatic Pull-Down to produce the highest-quality shirt.  The PVP’s are specifically designed to press the sleeve pleats and vent areas without flattening the cuffs.  The contoured chests are designed to fully press the front and back of the shirt.  Enhancing the quality even more is the Automatic Pull-Down feature. As the rear chest closes it compresses the rear spring loaded paddle pulling down the back of the shirt.

Source: Unipress

Sir Galloway's new Hoffman Drapery PressAnd then there’s our new Hoffman “HDO8” Drapery Press, which just arrived at our main plant, designed to press all types and sizes of draperies and fancy laundered flat work, such as sheets. This machine, which requires two operators, allows us to add high-end specialty services to our broad range of services, including cleaning and pressing of draperies, curtains, and sheets – among others. Nothing compares to the experience of sleeping in a bed with perfectly pressed sheets.

Stay tuned for more information on the new services we’ll be able to offer with our new drapery press!

By the way, have you had a chance to tour our plant and see our equipment in action? Here’s a beautiful shot of our special Union Green Dry Cleaning machine (literally and figuratively), which allows us to offer truly environmentally-friendly dry cleaning processes (read more about our Green Commitment).

"Green" dry cleaning machine