Sir Galloway named Miami’s Best Dry Cleaner for 2013!

Sir Galloway named Miami’s Best Dry Cleaner for 2013!

We are very pleased to share the news that the Miami New Times has named Sir Galloway Cleaners Miami’s Best Dry Cleaners for 2013 in their latest “Best of Miami” yearly edition! This great honor, bestowed upon our South Miami location (located at 8668 Sunset Drive) but welcomed throughout our organization, is a testament to the great effort our entire team makes every day to provide the best possible quality and service in dry cleaning.

Miami New Times - Best of Miami 2013The Miami New Times article (read the complete version here) has plenty of witty and humorous references to HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, in the spirit of this year’s “Best of Miami” edition and the Miami New Times highly regarded editorial style.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

Describing some of our services, green commitment, and customer reviews…

If I may speak plainly, my queen, you’re a bloody-ripe mess. And I have heard the locals here speak of Sir Galloway with awe and admiration. They say it is the best dry cleaner in all the land, caring for delicate silks and garments such as yours with expert care. Sir Galloway will remove the dragon pee from your dresses, shine your shoes, and even clean your royal knapsack and any other handbags or accessories as you see fit. They are members of the environmentally friendly Green Cleaners Council, so the work they do for you will have little negative impact on the locals here. And they even have a wash-and-fold-by-the-pound service, should you see fit to treat your army to fresh garments.

And later, referring to the Sir Galloway Guarantee…

If they’re late in returning your precious attire, we shall pay them not a single silver coin. And the kind Sir will freely pick up and deliver almost anywhere in Miami, from Bal Harbour in the north to Cutler Bay in the south. They will not likely desire to deliver to you in Westeros, of course, but I believe your dragons can convince them.

At Sir Galloway Cleaners we are driven to provide the best possible quality service to our customers. Their recognition, along with that of one of our city’s most widely read publications, gives us further motivation to continue our commitment.