Commercially Laundered Shirts

Commercially Laundered Shirts

The truth is non-iron shirts do not look as professional as commercially laundered shirts.

Sir Galloway Cleaner’s guarantees ready to wear garments. When talking about commercially laundered shirts it does not mean only cleaning. It means crisp collars and cuffs as well as a professional finish that will make you look and feel your best.


For a few dollars more than the cost of a generic dry cleaner, you can get a professional looking shirt that will last much longer due to the special care we take. Not only will it last longer, but it will be a shirt you can wear proudly.

To provide you with this top quality professional look we use a series of quality control steps from beginning to end and use top of the line equipment which results in a perfectly finished shirt.

Finishing each shirt is a labor intensive process; this includes button replacement (Never a missing button), cuff treatment, spotting, or adding optical whiteners to white shirt laundering.

Wearing these shirts will make your morning dressing a pleasing ritual. Your shirts will look great and so will you!
At Sir Galloway Cleaners, we are proud of our shirt finishing. Our customers will tell you this is one of the features they like the most from our service! Try us, and you’ll see and feel that with Sir Galloway Cleaners the difference is Knight and Day.