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5 Tips for Choosing a Quality Dry Cleaner

Moving to a new city? There is always a laundry list of things to get done after your move but we think your laundry shouldn’t be on that list. Here are 5 things we think you should look for in a dry cleaner.

  • Customer Service: Look for a company that puts you first! Customer care plays a major role in your satisfaction of a company. We will always work to make you feel valued because we know that great customer service starts with upheld promises.
  • Green Dry Cleaning: Find a company that cares for the environment. Eco-friendly dry cleaning services are important not only for keeping our environment clean but also for providing you with a safe and residue free clean for your garments.
  • Expertise: We understand that your clothing is important to you and it takes trust to leave the cleaning to us. Choose a company that has years of experience under their belt and trained professionals that understand every detail of the dry cleaning process. We offer many other convenient services, including wedding dress restoration and specialized alteration services in addition to dry cleaning, to provide you with well-rounded expertise.
  • Convenience: Does your dry cleaner offer free pickup and delivery? We think that your dry cleaning shouldn’t be a worry. Pickup and delivery are a just a small fraction of the convenient services we offer, making dry-cleaning a stress free process for you.
  • Quality of Work: Choose a cleaner that takes care in cleaning your garments. Your clothes should come back feeling and smelling fresh and ready to wear, without any residue or chemical odors. We suggest using a test garment when trying a new cleaner to be certain the garment is cleaned to your standards.

Whether you’re moving or just haven’t found a preferred dry cleaning service yet, use these tips to find the best cleaner for your needs. Happy searching!

The Perfect Shirt

At Sir Galloway Cleaners we have spent 30+ years striving for perfection. Our customers acknowledge it with their loyalty and reviews, and today we’re proud to say we have elevated our Deluxe Shirt Service to another level. Introducing… The Perfect Shirt.


Formaldehyde? No thanks!

Formaldehyde molecular structure

A recent issue of Consumer Reports, quoted by National Clothesline and the National Cleaners Association, reaffirms the industry’s long-held concerns with so-called “wrinkle-free” finishes on garments. On one hand, it has been proven that they reduce the life span of a cotton garment by 20 to 25 percent. And, more importantly, the fabric “continues to release low levels of formaldehyde throughout its lifetime.”

If the term “formaldehyde” sounds familiar, it is probably for all the wrong reasons… among others, it’s used for embalming, treating warts, various industrial processes, and it’s also one of the harmful ingredients in cigarettes. Certainly not the kind of stuff you want in contact with your skin!


Our pickup & delivery area keeps growing

Sir Galloway Cleaners pickup & delivery areas

We’re thrilled to announce that our complimentary pickup & delivery area has expanded with the addition of a dedicated Condo route, extending our reach all the way to Aventura.


How do we keep track of your orders? Take a peek behind the scenes…

Sir Galloway 10-point inspection process

Week after week you drop your clothes off to be cleaned. After we process your order, how can we tell your navy blue blazer from the many other navy blue blazers we receive? We appreciate your business and thought you might like to take a peek behind the scenes.


The answer to the age-old question…


“Clothing Doctor” Steven Boorstein appeared recently on the Today show and answered a question that many of us in the dry cleaning business get on a regular basis: “Why does it (dry cleaning) cost what it costs?” Steven’s answer is spot on (no pun intended), see for yourselves…


Sir Galloway named Miami’s Best Dry Cleaner for 2013!

Miami New Times - Best of Miami 2013

We are very pleased to share the news that the Miami New Times has named Sir Galloway Cleaners Miami’s Best Dry Cleaners for 2013 in their latest “Best of Miami” yearly edition! This great honor, bestowed upon our South Miami location (located at 8668 Sunset Drive) but welcomed throughout our organization, is a testament to the great effort our entire team makes every day to provide the best possible quality and service in dry cleaning.


State of the art technology to serve you better

Unipress Lightning Series shirt press

At Sir Galloway Cleaners, we pride ourselves in the level of service and quality we provide to our customers. Part of our commitment involves the use of the latest technologies available for dry cleaning. Take, for instance, the latest equipment we’ve acquired: a Unipress Lightning Series shirt press and a Hoffman Drapery Press.


Never A Missing Button


Not only do we say it, we mean it, promote it, and track the results.  That’s right at Sir Galloway Cleaners, there is never a missing button.

In 1984 when the Mills family opened Sir Galloway, they quickly realized that the largest single complaint customers have about their dry cleaners is missing, broken, and loose buttons.   While we had a passion to get this right, initially we failed.  During training, we asked the inspector to look at each button.   Our “do over” tracking showed that we were guilty of sending shirts out with missing, broken, or loose buttons.   This just would not do.