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Give Your Skin Some Love

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MCAreaRugs (1)We’re always so careful about what we do with our skin. We use sunscreen, daily moisturizers, masks, peels, facials, toners, cleansers, creams, and more. Sometimes we’re so focused about what goes on our skin that we forget about what it touches, our clothes. Every day when you wear that suit into work, your skin is exposed to whatever cleaner was used. We make sure to treat your clothes with the same respect you would treat your skin.

We are committed to being green and that means our cleaning products and packaging are environmentally friendly, as is every step of the process along the way.

Since we care about your skin, we ensure that all the clothing is cleaned and processed with environmentally friendly methods. We use a safe silicone solvent that is non-abrasive, non-carcinogenic and does not contain perchlorethylene.

After your clothes are safely cleaned they are later hung on recycled hangers and stored in biodegradable poly bags that are sturdy and environmentally safe.

Don’t go through all the hassle of keeping your skin soft and smooth only to expose it to dangerous chemicals. Contact us today and let us show you the green way is the right way!

Our Green Commitment, Renewed for Earth Day 2014

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Green Cleaners

Sir Galloway Cleaners is a proud participant of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) Hanger Recycling Program. Many consumers have a pile of steel hangers in their homes from the drycleaners. All too often, these hangers can end up in the trash. For Earth Day 2014, 386 professional drycleaners, all members of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI), pledged to reduce wire hanger waste by 35 million hangers, or 1,050 tons of steel.

Sir Galloway named Miami’s Best Dry Cleaner for 2013!

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Miami New Times - Best of Miami 2013

We are very pleased to share the news that the Miami New Times has named Sir Galloway Cleaners Miami’s Best Dry Cleaners for 2013 in their latest “Best of Miami” yearly edition! This great honor, bestowed upon our South Miami location (located at 8668 Sunset Drive) but welcomed throughout our organization, is a testament to the great effort our entire team makes every day to provide the best possible quality and service in dry cleaning.

State of the art technology to serve you better

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Unipress Lightning Series shirt press

At Sir Galloway Cleaners, we pride ourselves in the level of service and quality we provide to our customers. Part of our commitment involves the use of the latest technologies available for dry cleaning. Take, for instance, the latest equipment we’ve acquired: a Unipress Lightning Series shirt press and a Hoffman Drapery Press.

Is my dry cleaner really green?

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Since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides no standard definition of an environmentally friendly cleaner, and has no approved cleaning solvent or process, professional cleaners can call themselves “green” regardless of their practices and policies. Some cleaners erroneously claim to be green simply because they use one type of solvent over another. This practice of “green washing” their business is simply a sales gimmick. Being “truly” green actually has very little to do with which solvent they use. Being truly green is a multi-faceted combination of environmentally responsible policies, programs and practices.