Sir Galloway Odor Removal

Sir Galloway Odor Removal

Sir Galloway Odor Removal


All-inclusive price

Introducing: Sir Galloway Odor Removal Service

Using advanced ODOROX® Hydroxyl to safely eliminate odors in your home, office or workplace.

Sir Galloway Dry Cleaners is pleased to introduce a brand new service: Professional Odor Removal. We continue investing in advanced technologies, such as odor-eliminating Odorox® Hydroxyl generating machines.

The Odorox® Hydroxyl technology is safe, effective, efficient, and easy to use. This revolutionary technology is the environmentally friendly way to handle the most complex or simple deodorization and cleaning tasks. Odorox® eliminates malodors and pathogens and, unlike other odor treatment options, does not “mask” them.

And, we make it easy for you with our simple ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICING:

$25 per room, which includes delivery, set-up and take-down

Safely remove odors: $25 per room

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