April 2, 2020
We, the Sir Galloway family, hope this letter finds you healthy and safe. Our hearts go out to all who are affected by COVID-19. Our thoughts are with our community.
Just like you, we continue to navigate these unprecedented circumstances. I’m sure you are making difficult choices right now, like we are.
As many of you know, Sir Galloway Cleaners is a family owned business. I value the health and safety of your family, my employees and our community.
So, as the owner and as one with an incredible team and family, as of April 7th we are temporarily suspending route services, grounding our fleet of vehicles,
temporarily closing all store locations, as well as, plant operations.
Our stores will be open for pick-up only until 6:00 pm on April 7th, and last delivery services are scheduled for April 6th. We are tentatively re-opening for full services on May 4th.
Updates will be sent in advance confirming our re-open date and time. Government guidelines will steer our decision.
Should you need to contact us during this cessation period, please email us at and we will respond within a business day.
None of these decisions have been easy, yet despite difficulties, as a team we are still pursuing our mission just like we have done for over 30 years: continue to be Miami’s finest couture cleaners, as well as the safest.
Our customers and employees have always stood by our side, through good times and bad, and I am forever grateful for such loyalty.
We will emerge from this stronger than ever, positioned to quickly resume your services.
Stay in… Stay safe… And May God bless all of you, our country and world.
Thank you,
Mary Jones Mills

March 26th, 2020


Laundry piling up?

Call for free pickup and delivery 305-216-5385

We Are Open…why?

  • City of Miami Mayor Gimenez lists us as a “Necessity” Business.
  • We always use products that kill pathogens.
  • We know cleaning agents are hard to come by.
  • We clean with the CDC recommended products, temperatures and procedures.
  • We are providing wash and fold at $4.55 a pound with additional sanitizing rinses.
  • All locations are open.
March 20th, 2020

United We Stand In the Fight Against COVID-19

Under Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez guidelines, we remain open to serve your cleaning needs. However, we have modified store hours 
MONDAY thru FRIDAY – 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Our STORES offer Drive-thru, Drive-up, and Call-ahead Services so that you remain in the safety of your own vehicle.
Our FREE HOME DELIVERY AND PICK-UP service schedule:
  • Monday thru Friday Services continue as usual.
  • Saturday service is closed and will be re-routed to a Monday-Friday route
If you are a store customer or new customer and prefer us to come to you, please contact us at 305-216-5385 to make special arrangements.
As the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, the health and safety of our customers and team-members continue to be our priority.
Understanding the stress brought about by the fight, Sir Galloway Dry Cleaners offers you peace of mind when it comes to the decontamination of your laundry and dry cleaning items.
The CDC advises that the commercial laundry and dry-cleaning processes, which includes cleaning and pressing, is effective on viruses. As such, be assured that at Sir Galloway we have ALWAYS used detergents, solvents, and finishers that kill pathogens to ensure the sanitation of all items you entrust to us, and the elevated temperatures during pressing complete the disinfection process.
Sir Galloway Cleaners is taking extra precautions to go above and beyond to better serve you during these difficult times. Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us at
Phone lines
  • Old Cutler: 305-254-8880
  • Palmetto Bay: 305-235-8885
  • Pinecrest: 305-662-2020
  • Plant: 305-252-2000 x1
  • South Miami: 305-665-5050
  • Sunset: 305-412-1212
Cell phones for texting:
  • Old Cutler: 305-316-6883
  • Palmetto Bay: 786-626-4400
  • Pinecrest: 305-240-8205
  • Plant: 305-316-7924
  • South Miami: 786-873-6024
  • Sunset: 305-316-3472
March 13th, 2020
Dear Loyal Customers,
Sir Galloway is working around the clock to ensure we’re able to provide the services you need.
We are keeping our customers, our associates/employees healthy and safe by following the guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as, trade organizations in the industry of Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services.
Our hearts go out to all those who’ve been impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) thus far.
Below are several options on how we can immediately assist you.

Here are ways we can help you at this time with your cleaning needs:

1. Call Ahead

We have the “Call Ahead” service at all locations.
How “Call Ahead” works if you are an existing store customer:
First: Let’s make sure we have your account and contact information current. We will provide you with your own Sir Galloway Drop off bags.
Store numbers for updating accounts:
  • Old Cutler: 305-254-8880
  • Palmetto Bay: 305-235-8885
  • Pinecrest: 305-662-2020
  • Plant: 305-252-2000 x1
  • South Miami: 305-665-5050
  • Sunset: 305-412-1212
Second: Once you have updated your information with the store location of choice, send a text message to the store with your account name. Example: (Hi this is Mary Jones on my way to pick up!) Your customer service representative will have your order ready to go! Don’t forget to bring your bag with items to drop off.
Store numbers for texting that you are on your way:
  • Old Cutler: 305-316-6883
  • Palmetto Bay: 786-626-4400
  • Pinecrest: 305-240-8205
  • Plant: 305-316-7924
  • South Miami: 786-873-6024
  • Sunset: 305-316-3472
In addition to “Call Ahead” we have:

2. Drive Up Service

We have “Drive Up Service” at 1 of our locations (Old Cutler Store), as well as, “Call Ahead”. Drive Up Service is just that…drive up, a bell rings and we come out and get your bag and deliver your cleaned items to your car.

3. Drive Thru Service

We have “Drive Thru Service” at 4 of our locations (the Palmetto Bay, Plant, South Miami, and Pinecrest location), as well as, “Call Ahead”. Drive Thru Service is just that…we have on the side of the building a drive thru where you drop off your items and we deliver your cleaned items to your car.
*For convenience, our Sunset Store has the “Call Ahead Service” but does not have drive up or drive thru service.

4. Credit Cards

We take credit cards so no physical money needs to be exchanged… less chance of exchanging the virus.

5. Pick-Up and Delivery Services

In the event you do not want to venture out, call us (305) 252-2000 EXT# 2 and we will arrange for you to have “Route pick-up and delivery services”. There is NO extra charge for this service. We respect your privacy. We will provide you with nylon bags for your items. We will arrange for a safe place to return your cleaned garments, so no one enters your home.
We will continually update you on information as it becomes available.
With Great Appreciation for your loyalty,
Mary Jones Mills