Miami Dry Cleaners

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Best Dry Cleaning Service in Miami, Florida

Complimentary pick up and delivery is provided for dry cleaning services from Lakes by the Bay to North Miami Beach. Areas served include: Brickell, Miami, South Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest, Miami Beach and Bal Harbour (see map for more details).

Call ahead service is available at all our locations.

When you are on your way to pick up your order, just give us a call,
we’ll have your order ready and waiting for you!

Miami – see our locations:

Click on desired location for store hours, address, phone and additional information.

Miami best dry cleaning and laundry services for your very special garments.

Professional Dry Cleaning – Sir Galloway provides the Best Dry Cleaning service in South Florida. Service includes full dry cleaning and laundry facilities.

We also provide Fabric Restoration Services for water, fire and smoke damage.

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ROUTE 1 (Manny | 305-986-0736)

ROUTE 2 (Wendy | 305-216-7771)

ROUTE 3 (Adela | 305-796-1274)

ROUTE 4 (Fausto | 305-984-2802)

Click for route details (under the map)

Route Details:


(Manny | 305-986-0736)
  • SW 57th Ave to US1, 88th St. to 128th St. – MON. THR.
  • The Bay to US1 between 80th Street and Kendall Drive, 42nd Ave to 88th St. – TUES. FRID.
  • The Bay to US1, North 25 Road to 42nd Ave – WED. SAT.


(Adela | 305-796-1274)
  • Key Biscayne – MON. THR.
  • 80th Street between 49th Av. and US1 to SW 8th St., SW 37th Ave to SW 57th Ave – TUES. FRID.
  • Sunset Drive to SW 8th St., SW 57th Ave to SW 162nd Ave – WED. SAT.
  • Doral + Fountainbleau – WED. SAT.


(Wendy | 305-216-7771)
  • The Bay to US1, 128th St. to 160 St. – MON. THR.
  • US1 to West 117th Ave, 88th St. to 152 St. – TUES. FRID.
  • The Bay to West 117th Ave, 160th St. to 216th St. – WED. SAT.


(Fausto | 305-984-2802)
  • Collins Ave to Biscayne Blvd, South Beach to NW 213 St. – MON. THR.
  • Biscayne Blvd to I-95, SW 8 St. to NE 40 St. – TUES. FRID.
  • The Bay to 2nd Ave, 25 Road to SW 8 St. – WED. SAT.
  • Condos in the Grove – WED. SAT.
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