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The Perfect Shirt

At Sir Galloway Cleaners we have spent 30+ years striving for perfection. Our customers acknowledge it with their loyalty and reviews, and today we’re proud to say we have elevated our Deluxe Shirt Service to another level. Introducing… The Perfect Shirt.


Formaldehyde? No thanks!

Formaldehyde molecular structure

A recent issue of Consumer Reports, quoted by National Clothesline and the National Cleaners Association, reaffirms the industry’s long-held concerns with so-called “wrinkle-free” finishes on garments. On one hand, it has been proven that they reduce the life span of a cotton garment by 20 to 25 percent. And, more importantly, the fabric “continues to release low levels of formaldehyde throughout its lifetime.”

If the term “formaldehyde” sounds familiar, it is probably for all the wrong reasons… among others, it’s used for embalming, treating warts, various industrial processes, and it’s also one of the harmful ingredients in cigarettes. Certainly not the kind of stuff you want in contact with your skin!


Holiday Stain Guide – updated for 2014

Cranberry sauce

Last year we brought you our Ultimate Holiday Stain Guide. Stains haven’t changed that much (luckily smartphones and tablets have yet to become a major source of stains!), but this year we want to share with you some handy stain removal videos and a useful infographic.


Cleaning and Storing Garments to Prevent Insect Damage

Moth on fabric

Direct damage occurs when insects such as webbing cloth moths, casemaking cloth moths, and sometimes termites, feed directly on the fabric. This group of insects attacks wool, mohair, natural bristles, fur, feathers, and down. They also damage blended fibers such as wool/polyester – dispelling the notion that the use of synthetic fibers immunizes the fabrics against insect damage.


Kids back in school? We’ve got you covered (updated!)

Back to School

With kids back in school you might get a much needed break from the summer’s fun activities, but you’ll also be dealing with the use and abuse your kids clothes are put through in school. Here are some helpful tips to get you through the year unscathed. 2014 update: we’ve updated our post with some helpful back-to-school shopping tips courtesy of Scholastic!


Our pickup & delivery area keeps growing

Sir Galloway Cleaners pickup & delivery areas

We’re thrilled to announce that our complimentary pickup & delivery area has expanded with the addition of a dedicated Condo route, extending our reach all the way to Aventura.


Take a “behind the scenes” tour of our plant

Sir Galloway Cleaners video

Sir Galloway Cleaners is now on YouTube! Check out the “behind the scenes” video tour of our main plant.


Our Green Commitment, Renewed for Earth Day 2014

Sir Galloway Cleaners is a proud participant of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) Hanger Recycling Program. Many consumers have a pile of steel hangers in their homes from the drycleaners. All too often, these hangers can end up in the trash. For Earth Day 2014, 386 professional drycleaners, all members of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI), pledged to reduce wire hanger waste by 35 million hangers, or 1,050 tons of steel.


“Above & Beyond” – Mark Mills interview on National Clothesline Magazine

Our very own Mark Mills was interviewed for the March 2014 issue of “National Clothesline Magazine,” a leading publication in the dry cleaning industry. Read excerpts of the interview, and find out a little bit of the history behind Sir Galloway Cleaners, and what sets us apart from our competitors.


A fresh new look + the quality and service you’ve come to expect

Main Plant new look (collage)

If you’re a customer of our main plant located in the Falls warehouse area, or simply drive by SW 87th Avenue and 130th Street, you will notice something new… our new look! We gave our main plant/store a fresh coat of paint (just the right shade of grey) coupled with brand new purple awnings.