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At Sir Galloway Cleaners we have spent 30+ years striving for perfection. Our customers acknowledge it with their loyalty and reviews, and today we’re proud to say we have elevated our Deluxe Shirt Service to another level. Introducing… The Perfect Shirt.

We can confidently say that our Deluxe Shirt Service is the best in the industry. Here’s why:

  • Our new cardboard collar supports hold the collars in place even after delivery or on a store conveyer belt
  • We cross the sleeves and secure them in place with a clip, which keeps them crisp and neat
  • We use premium plastic “butterfly” collar supports so that the collar does not fold over where it meets the top button
  • We use top-of-the-line steam injected washing machines and the best soap products available in the industry
  • We use heavy duty hangers, which not only look great but also give the shirts optimum support (and we recycle hangers, as part of our Green Commitment)
  • We carefully inspect every button by eye and hand, applying pressure to every button to make sure it’s not cracked or loose. That’s why we can promise Never a Missing Button
  • Every shirt is hand finished
  • We double-check ticket numbers for accuracy of assembly
  • We place no more than two shirts per bag

If you are one of our customers who already enjoys our shirt service, you’ll be even more pleased. And if you’re not, we invite you to try the best Deluxe Shirt Service in the industry. The Perfect Shirt can be every shirt in your closet!

Tip: how to remove collar supports

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