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Not only do we say it, we mean it, promote it, and track the results.  That’s right at Sir Galloway Cleaners, there is never a missing button.

In 1984 when the Mills family opened Sir Galloway, they quickly realized that the largest single complaint customers have about their dry cleaners is missing, broken, and loose buttons.   While we had a passion to get this right, initially we failed.  During training, we asked the inspector to look at each button.   Our “do over” tracking showed that we were guilty of sending shirts out with missing, broken, or loose buttons.   This just would not do.

Never-a-missing-button-e1330709114367-225x300We were not content to be just like every other cleaner, thinking that the customer would tolerate a few missing buttons as the standard.   We were better, we had to figure this out, and fast.

Mark Mills worked in the inspection area with his management team.  We conducted time studies, hand and eye activities, etc.  Bottom line, if we were to look at a button, we would miss the occasional cracked, loose or missing. We developed a plan to look, touch, and apply pressure to every button.  That was extremely time consuming, we needed more hands and eyes to be able to say… Never a missing button.   The next step was to design a reward system for great results.   Kelly Barco has been the lead inspector for 16 years.   Kelly also checks for stains, and pressing imperfections – then hand finishes the shirts or sends them down the line for the next inspector if she falls behind.

The next step is to have management check the work, on a regular basis – every day, and track the results.   Several times during the day, a team of managers and assistant managers, check the finished line and attach a quality check card on each shirt that passes inspection.  Any shirt that does not pass inspection is returned to the inspector and corrected.

Finally, when a customer returns a shirt with a missing button, a “do over” invoice is created.  A report is provided to Mark Mills every week.   We can honestly say, that there is never a missing button.

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